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dianechorley:MODERN LOVE

20:00 1-25 AUGUST 2019

The Flick at Underground

The Duchess of Canvey returns with a new show (new songs!) and is reopening her iconic 80s nightclub ‘The Flick’ to boot. Join her on a hilarious journey of self-discovery as she reclaims her place in the heart of a divided Britain. Check in your (faux) fur coat, grab a cocktail and prepare to be re-united on the dance floor. 


Since her release from Prison, Diane’s struggled to re-establish herself as the pop phenomenon she once was. On a her latest quest for fame and fortune, she’s discovered a modern Britain searching for belonging in a digital world that appears to have left it feeling disconnected. To bring people back together, she’s going to reopen her cult 80’s nightclub and get the community back where it belongs, offline and IRL! But is Diane right to always look to the past for the answers, or does she need to take a good look at herself if she’s to help make a brighter future?

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dianechorley:down the flick

23:00 2-25 AUGUST 2019

The Flick at Underground

Join Diane Chorley as she re-cuts the red ribbon on her iconic 80s nightclub 'The Flick'. A hedonistic paradise rebuilt brick by brick in the heart of Edinburgh, where live music plays, cocktails are shaken till the early hours and special guests dazzle as brightly as the disco ball. It’ll be a party the likes of which Edinburgh has never seen before and when the shows over, the party's only just begun. 

Prepare yourself for one of the Fringes most unique and submersive experiences, giving the audiences a chance to be transported back into one of 1980’s Britain's most forgotten cultural treasures; Canvey Islands premier nightclub, The Flick.  Owner and matriarch Diane Chorley will be there to greet you with a cocktail list exotic enough to send Barrymore back to bedlam and a soundtrack so hot that even Bowie couldn’t resist the dance floor. Each night the stage will host exclusive sets from the Fringes hottest talent, whilst Diane, the self appointed Duchess of Canvey, will serenade the audiences with her chart topping 80’s classics